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We are open and are offering virtual appointments for consultations. We will still be available for in-person appointments at our Roseville office and will make accommodations for necessary signings elsewhere.

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Estate Planning

Create a comprehensive plan for your estate.

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Trust and Estate Administration

Get the legal help you need to manage a loved one's assets.

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Prepare for Your Family's Financial Future

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Law Office of Matthew D. Scott focuses on estate planning, trust law and financial planning in Roseville, California. Our lead attorney, Mr. Scott, can help you make important legal decisions about your family's future. If you've been named the executor of a loved one's estate, we can help you administer their assets according to their wishes.

Call Law Office of Matthew D. Scott now to schedule a consultation with an estate planning & probate lawyer in Roseville, CA, serving clients in Citrus Heights. Don't let the complexities of will law keep you from being confident about the process.

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Choose the Law Office of Matthew D. Scott for Will Law & More

Law Office of Matthew D. Scott has been serving our local community since 2011. We opened our first office in Elk Grove, CA, and now we're proud to provide the same dedicated legal services to residents of the Roseville, CA and surrounding areas. Our office is located in Roseville, but we provide legal services to the residents of Citrus Heights, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Auburn, Loomis, Lincoln, Sacramento, and Newcastle, CA.

We work closely with trusted financial advisors, accountants, bankers, and real estate professionals to provide superior estate planning services. Mr. Scott has prepared over a thousand estate plans for clients throughout California. Our #1 goal is to make planning for the future as easy for you as possible.

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Our firm's policy is to check for potential conflicts of interest before receiving any information that may be considered confidential. Because of our duties to our existing clients, we reserve the right to share any information we receive from you unless we notify you that: 1) we do not have any conflicts of interest, and 2) we are willing to receive confidential information from you.

Thus, in filling out this page of otherwise initiating contact with our firm, please do not provide any information you do not want us to share with others.

Until we notify you that we have no conflicts of interest and that we are interested in communicating with you about undertaking your representation, please do NOT send any information other than: 1) the general nature of the matter about which you are contacting us (e.g. estate planning, Social Security, family matter); 2) the identity of any other party who might join you as a client of the firm in this matter (including spouse or significant other); 3) the identity of all potential adverse parties. Once again, please do not provide us with any information you want kept confidential unless and until we inform you that we have no conflicts and are willing to receive confidential information from you.

Furthermore, in order to establish an attorney-client relationship with our firm, we require a written legal services agreement that defines the scope of the representation and that is signed by both the client and a member of the law firm. Electronic signatures will not suffice to establish an attorney-client relationship.

Our procedures are designed to protect the interests of our existing clients as well as the interests of potential new clients communicating with our firm.

Discuss your situation with a compassionate lawyer

You can count on Law Office of Matthew D. Scott for effective legal counsel in Roseville, California. Mr. Scott can help you:

  • Decide how to allocate your assets
  • Prepare a will or establish a trust
  • Provide for your family if you become disabled
  • Administer a loved one's assets

Planning for the future is not to be taken lightly, and it can be hard to think ahead. We can help you prepare for any situation. Whether you need to establish guardianship for a disabled dependent or manage complicated assets, we can help. Trust us to walk you through the estate planning process.

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