Client Reviews

We needed to amend our current living trust and had utilized Matthew for prior family legal matters a couple years ago. Decided to go through him again but wanted to stay here locally in town as Matthew does provide legal services in Elk Grove one day a week as well as his main office in Roseville.

I actually had legal insurance coverage through my previous employment which really came in handy. It covered over half of our payment. So glad I had that. Bc paying for lawyers is not cheap but I wanted minor details taken care of in case both of us pass on. These were very important to both of us. Plus, Matthew had some suggestions for us as well. So, peace of mind was the bottom line. Believe me once you're gone from this world how does anyone know your wishes for sure? It's not like your family or friends can call you while you're in heaven! Lol

Matthew handled everything efficiently, professionally & with great expertise. I highly recommend him! Once he knew I had ARAG (legal insurance) he made the call for me right in his office immediately. That took care of most of our payment. He was up front with charges right away. Normally I don't carry my checkbook but I was prepared this time bc last time we actually had to go back home & get it! Yup that really happened!

Matthew also does notary so it made that legal process even quicker & more complete. He did have issues with his printer but borrowed the office's printer. So NBD. We did all of this in two visits! Are you surprised? I'm not. It just reaffirms our excellent experience with Matthew Scott. I'm so glad we have an estate lawyer we trust & can go to whenever necessary."

Karen K.

Elk Grove, CA

Matthew Scott was referred to my parents by their banker when their trust needed to be updated. My Dad had not been thrilled with the original attorney who had written the original trust, and didn't really know what needed to be done after a title company had noted problems with the original trust when they sold their home.

After a thorough, initial interview and review of the trust with my father (with me along for moral and factual support as my father hates business meetings), Matthew knew exactly what needed to be done to solidify and strengthen the trust and made plans to do so in rapid order. At the next meeting, Matthew explained the new provisions thoroughly (and changed the previous 1-page check-marked power of attorney documents to 35 pages each for Mom and Dad) and most importantly set my parents at ease.

Matthew showed great concern and warmth towards my mother, who has suffered cognitive impairment after a stroke, and made sure her concerns and questions were answered. He is efficient, professional, and fair and is so on top of changing practices, etc. My Dad was concerned he would need to pay for an entirely new trust document, but Matthew worked with what he had and made sure our family has its legal bases covered. The attorney who created the original trust finished her meeting with my Dad saying, "If you have any questions now that the trust is done I'm $450 an hour." Matthew said he doesn't charge for quick email questions (understandably, if an office appointment is needed, charges a fee). Classy! Highly recommend!

Geneva L.

Sacramento, CA